Taking forward my previous post relating to Anthony Howe’s Di-Octo, below I will show my experiments of how we can perceive movement differently depending on the speed on the gif/ video or how the artist is wanting us to perceive their work. 0-1-sec

Using two different colour inks, here I have experimented with the forms and shapes that can be created with the movement and how we percieve the ink dropping at diffrent speeds.

In the gif to the right it has a movement window of 0.1 seconds, I find when watching the image its hard to percieve the movement as its going to quick and hard for your eye to follow the ink as it drops into the water. Yet its intresting at the beginning because can see the large droplets of purple ink seperate forming an orgainc flow.


Here I have left a window of 0.2 seconds within this gif, I find that your able to watch the0-2-sec movement of the ink in a slower motion you percieve it diffrent to the 1st gif as your eye is able to follow the ink itself before blending with yellow ink and forming a movement that you can follow with your eye and almost become mesmerzied by how the ink drops into the water.









Below using a window of 0.5 second even though the movment almost become pixelated due to the slower speed, you again from the previous 0.2 second window perci0-5-seceve the movement of the ink diffrently. I find this movement of 0.5 seconds allows yourself to become fixated on the movement of the ink and organic forms it creates as it hits the water. I find it fasinating how when you slow an image down you can see how each window work with one another to create a movment for our eyes to follow and how we percieve it diffrently.






1-0-secFor this gif I have used a window of 1.0 second, although I find this is interesting to watch to see the individual movement I find its to slow for youself to become fixated on the movement to watch it flow within the water.


Overall I find the 0.5 second window works well, however I would like to experment with a 0.3 second window as I find this will allow yourself to percieve the movement at the right pace for our eyes to follow which could then relate and use further within my design to how we follow movement and can use within my design with the use of ornamnet architecture or motion screens within the entrance of my design.


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