Anthony Howe is a kinetic sculptor who explores how objects respond to the exterior natural environments of wind and light, with significance to physics and our surrounding natural elements.

howe-1I found the sculpture Di-Octo fascinating; due to the motion and form of the sculpture it becomes mesmerizing when watching the movement of the steel arms. Below I have a link to YouTube where you can see how the sculpture moves within the exterior environment.


I find that how the individual arms flow gracefully alongside one another corresponding with the other arm through the main circle frame creates a balance of the sculpture against the force of the wind.

I feel this relates to the wind tunnel at q121, although Di-Octo is controlled by exterior natural elements, and Q121 wind tunnel is mechanical, they both have a controlled element making a drive and circulation of energy within its environment.Shown in the YouTube link above and my previous blog entry you can see how when the video itself is slowed down and the use of shutter speed in the previous entry image could be taken further to how we may move around the proposed space.

Could I consider a controlled environment where we are purposely led around the space as the individual arms on the sculpture Di-Octo are and the wind is within the different air pressures, also would this kinetic form work for humans.


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